Subtle Book Merch for Avid Readers

Etsy is full of so many great creators and designers and sellers. There’s no shortage of options available for practically anything you can dream up… but have you ever been looking for something specific that even the mass amounts of options can’t meet exactly? That’s what happened with us. We love books and we love being cozy and we love the idea of clothing that subtly nods to our favorite characters and series. And while there are so many adorable and spectacular items out there, we thought that we might just be able to create the items we look for ourselves. Enter: LiteraryCollection.

literarycollection banner

Our cute little shop is focused on the avid reader and creating subtle book merch for every occasion. We want to make things that are imbued with “if you know you know” energy… things that the average observer might not understand, but the diehard fan will instantly fall in love with. Subtle… minimal… sweet.

Who We Are: The Two Best Friends That Anybody Could Have

This venture started with me (hi, I’m Abi) creating a pullover sweatshirt on a whim with the saying “Lost in Literature”. I fell back in love with reading a couple years ago (shoutout to the release of Midnight Sun 😂) and it quickly spiraled into an obsession. So I figured why not try to create some things for the other booklovers in my life (i.e. my best friend, some coworkers, and BookTok). When I showed said best friend (that would be me, Amber) my sweatshirt, she loved it and wanted one herself, and then asked how I went about creating it. One thing led to another and we decided to jump into this journey together (take a shot!) So now our cutie little shop has over 70 items listed, all inspired by book related things (some more specific than others). This varies from sweatshirts and hoodies to t-shirts and tank tops to hats and stickers. Whatever you want, we’ve got you covered.

Why We're Different: We're Avid Readers Who Want Things Slightly Less Cheesy (Though We Don't Mind a Good Pun)

Now you might be asking yourself, “Okay, but why should I buy something from you that I could get from any of the hundreds of other sellers on Etsy?” And that’s entirely valid. The only thing I can say that might convince you is that we’re just like every other avid reader out there… We have jobs and families and hobbies, and we simply use the escape of books for a reprieve whenever we can get it. We simply want to turn our niche interests into something that others will love as well. And we want to do so in a way that is seemingly inconspicuous while being blatantly obvious to the right person.

Our Standards: We Choose Brands We Know and Love, Because We're Not About to Sell You Scratchy Junk

When we create our products, we ensure that we’re picking things that are great quality, things that we would want to use and wear ourselves. We don’t just pick the cheapest thing for convenience and saving money, but instead we choose brands that we own ourselves, or have heard great things about. We don’t want to sell you on something that’s going to fade quickly or scratch you or just be entirely uncomfortable.

Our Creative Process: From Brainstorming to Binge-Reading (It's a Tough Job, But Someone's Gotta Do It)

As for the design process, it varies. It’s a joint effort between the two of us, and we both take great pride in our little brain children. Some of the things we’ve come up with (like my first sweatshirt, or this darling Visit Velaris t-shirt) were instantaneously perfect with little to no changes required. Other things (like this FABULOUS Manon Blackbeak Hoodie) took way more time, attention, and feedback. But if we’re being completely honest, we love it all, regardless of the time spent creating it.

Choosing LiteraryCollection Would Make You Our Favorite Character

So, next time you’re wanting a new piece of book merch, maybe consider shopping small and choosing us. We value every single one of you that has made a purchase so far, and every single review, piece of feedback, share, and kind word is appreciated. See our subtle merch for the avid reader in our store here.